About Us

Planting Seeds sprouted from a simple question: What if we can look at the world around us differently by the presence of innovative and creative plant decorations?

What if what we were able to do affected people so much that they chose to respect their environment more? What if we can improve city centres by the mere presence of more greenery, introduced in different and creative way?  What if people could learn about themselves by learning about plants? We decided to stop talking about what people need to do to start improving their cities and started doing it. By selecting and sourcing the best local sustainable resources available and arranging them in innovative ways, we could then focus on urban health – where people and cities can begin to recover from the effects of rapid urbanization.


Planting Seeds & Co was founded on the belief that goodness and urban healing comes from within  – from the environments we put ourselves in, to the way we react to our environments. Our business rests on set values we live by everyday. They define who we are, as individuals, and as a company.

Put Health First: Well being is important and is largely determined by the environments we put ourselves in

Tell the Truth: In our words we are honest and sincere, and expect the same from others

Do the Right Thing: We look out for those around us and always try to find a way to do what is right, even if it means more time, commitment, or work.

Live sustainable: we respect this planet, and try to take only what we need, in hopes of preserving it for future generations

Be Transparent: from where we source our genuine materials to our genuine desires, we end goal is to always improve, enhance, and compliment wherever we go

Take Accountability: We had to learn this the hard way. We are responsible for presenting our best selves every day. When we made a mistake, we had to own it, learn from it, and make sure we do better the next time.







What we do – The Short Story:

Planting Seeds Co was started in 2012 as a sustainable social enterprise focused on changing the way people interact, learn, and grow through either: Education or Aesthetics.

We chose to focus on urban landscaping and urban production for the following reasons:

  • As a way of improving the urban city through creative design processes incorporating a combination of landscaping, event production, and psychology
  • Visibly reverse the effects of urban decay through planter design, creative horticultural solutions, and floral design principles
  • Positively and subtly influence how people act in /perceive social spaces
  • Improve happiness and positive emotions via the introduction of more greenery (scientifically proven)
  • as a way of teaching people about themselves through a process of growing



The full story:

Unofficially started in 2010 with a few gardening tools, a bicycle, and some determination – turned work experience into a part -time summer job. Riding around to all the jobs by bicycle and earning money little by little. Started with a few clients, and grew from there.

Officially started in 2012 with seed funding from the Ontario Small Business Centre to help get us started. Started to focus on edible landscaping in this year after working with Organic Works Bakery in London, Ontario, after seeing a growing need to teach people about food, how it is grown, and where it comes from.

After this, PSL CO gained a contracted to help design and install the planters in Downtown London in collaboration with the Downtown London Business Improvement Area.

Receiving funding from the Cambria foundation in 2014 – we partnered with My Sisters’ Place in London (a day-facility for women), and in a hurry to meet planting deadlines we also applied to Awesome London for a $1000 grant to help get us started! We had great success on this project and had used the money to plan, organize, and implement workshops including: planting workshops, herb workshops, juicing workshops, free farmers markets for the clients, and even installed multiple edible gardens, some of which are still in bloom years later. In addition to this, we had the generosity given to us by Mrs. Brenda Daniels of From the Meadow outside of Belmont, Ontario, who donated 1.5 acres of her bio-secured land to the cause. In order to be a sustainable social enterprise, we donated 1/3 of the crop and sold the other 2/3s at local farmers markets including: Western University Farmer’s Market, Fanshawe College Farmer’s Market, Brescia College Farmer’s Market and the Southdale Farmer’s Market. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some dedicated helpers, friends, and volunteers. It truly was a collaborative effort.

We had astounding success both in the quality of the veggies we produced, the relationships we  built, and the impact of the program.



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